Phillips Buick GMC in Fruitland Park offers competitive pricing on all major tire brands for all makes and models of vehicles. At Phillips, we have access to all the brands of tires as the big box stores do. It doesn't matter if you have a Buick or GMC or General Motors vehicle to Toyota, Hyundai, Chrysler, Lexur or any other model, we have tires for every vehicle. We offer very competitive pricing on all major tire brands for all vehicles. When it comes to the pricing of our tires, you get the quality of tire that you need. Because tires are an accessory item at Phillips, we can really get great prices for our customers. We are also very careful about who works on your vehicle. We employ certified technicians that helps to ensure your vehicle the most capable and trusted hands. Our technicians are licensed and they have to keep up with their training.

It is fast and hassle free to get a new tire or set of tires at Phillips Buick GMC. Not only are we the closest dealership to The Villages Community, we have over 40 service bays fully staffed with certified technicians and our Lightnin' Lube Center which takes care of air filters, wiper blades, oil changes, tire rotates and other maintenance to keep your vehicle on the road.

Whether you are in the market for tire repair or tire replacement, our Certified Service department can handle all of your tire needs. To find your tire size, just look to the side of the tire and you'll see a combination of letters and numbers. If you are having trouble locating it, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk you through it or even Facetime with you. One quick call will get you started or use our Service Scheduler to make an appointment.


What causes tire wear?

There are a number of reasons that your tires experience wear from your driving style and your maintenance habit. And, if not serviced promptly, the Florida heat will also accelerate the wear of your tires.

All tires have built-in tread wear indicators, often identified as narrow strips of smooth rubber that appear once the surface of the tires has worn down. Once these tread wear indicators appear, it is time to replace your tires so that you can operate your vehicle safely.

How do I measure tread depth?

A quick and easy way to check your tire wear is with a tread-depth gauge. These tools come in either digital or mechanical versions. A simple way to check wear on your tire is with a penny. Place a penny upside down in between the tire tread. If you can see Lincoln's head, the tread on your tires are worn and are now in need of replacement.

When should I replace my tires?

 There are a number of warning signs at to indicate when you should replace your tires. The tread wear indicators appear when the tires have 2/32" or less of tread remaining. In addition to the tread wear indicators, there are several other visible signs of a tire needing replacement:

·          Tire cord or fabric has broken through the rubber

·          Bald tires

·         Cracks and/or perforations in the side wall of the tire.

·        A tire puncture that cannot be repaired like when a nail is in the side or close to the side of the tire.


How important is tire rotation?

Did you know that its recommended to rotate your tires every 7,500 miles? This is due to each tire wearing at a different rate. Following specific rotation patterns linked to your specific vehicle, these rotations balance the wear of your tires and stabilize their depreciation so that you're not stuck with three faulty tires and only a single adequate one. Due to this, tire rotations are crucial to prolonging the lifespan of your tires.

It's a known fact that regular tire rotation extends the life of your tires and improves performance. Tires are rotated to achieve a uniform wear for all tires. Each tire performs different tasks (such as steering in front- versus rear-wheel drive), therefore tires wear at different rates. Tires should be rotated every 7,500 miles to prevent irregular tire wear. Regular tire rotation improves the performance on your tires.


How often should I check my tire pressure?

Checking your tire pressure once month is a wise way to stay up to date on the status of the tire's inflation. Doing so when the vehicle is cold (having not been driven for several hours) is the optimal time to gauge the pressure. Refer to the Tire Information Label located on the inside of the driver-side doorframe to determine the ideal tire pressure for your vehicle. Routine inspection of the tire pressure is another crucial detail when it comes to getting the most out of your tires. Verifying your tires are inflated properly assures the tires will bring you optimal performance in the areas of fuel efficiency, vehicle maneuvers, traction, tread wear, and overall driving experience).


When should I get a wheel alignment?

Proper wheel alignment is integral to your tires wearing evenly. A misalignment to your vehicle will lead to both unnecessary wear and maintenance appointments. A misalignment is often noticed when the vehicle pulls to a certain side while driving, often accompanied by a notable vibration. Ignoring this issue will severely expedite the decline of one or more tires as well its' corresponding suspension components.

There are a number of things that attribute to the alignment of your vehicle changing including the roads themselves with speedbumps, potholes and other hazards. To prolong the life of your tires, you should have your vehicle aligned in order to avoid handing problems, uneven tire wear or abnormal vibrations. A tire that is out of balance affects the quality of your ride and can shorten the life of not just tires but bearing, shocks and other suspension components.

To service your vehicle for tires, wheel alignments and tire rotations, reach out to the experts at Phillips Buick GMC in Fruitland Park, Florida. Our experts look forward to your visit. Service can be completed through our service scheduler or call us today.